The Needle's Eye Christian Resource Center

Welcome to The Needle's Eye Christian Resource Center

The Needle's Eye is in the heart of Youngstown's Southside where many are unemployed, unskilled and poorly educated, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol is a growing epidemic. The Needle's Eye Christian Counseling Center is an arm of Southside Ministries. Named from Jesus' description of the difficulty of making a radical lifestyle change (Luke 18:25), the Needle's Eye is guided by the principles of the Christian faith.

The Needle's Eye works to keep children and young people from becoming involved in the societal issues that plague poverty stricken communities. The Needle's Eye is not governmentally funded and is supported primarily by community churches, businesses, and civic organizations throughout the Youngstown Metro area. The Needle's Eye not only achieves results, but was recognized as one of the Thousand Points of Light in America by former President of the United States, George H. Bush. Through continued support, the Needle's Eye stands strong as a pillar of the Southside Community.

How We Support Our Community